The Christian Voter:

7 Non-Negotiables For Voting For, Not Against, Your Values

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The Christian Voter - 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting for, Not Against, Your Values


Enclosed is my contribution to be able to send the book to pastors, churches, and others around the country.

Who should read the book?

  • Every Christian in America
  • Christian pastors
  • Church leaders
  • Youth leaders

You will not find another roadmap for Christians on how to vote for, and not against, your values!

In this 330-page book, you’ll get concise, easy-to-understand “insight into”…

  • How to strategically limit evil (Chapter 3)
  • The Christian Civil Rights issue of our time (Chapter 4)
  • The little known, but dangerous lie that Christians can ignore the 7 essential non-negotiables in voting (Chapter 5)
  • How to not be fooled when voting against a Christian worldview (Chapter 6)
  • How local, state and national elections impact Christians (Chapter 8)
  • The big lie! Christians shouldn’t vote because… (Chapter 10)
  • 3 dangerous myths about the power, influence and impact of the Christian vote (Chapter 12)
  • How to activate Christians to vote right (Chapter 15)
  • Church ballot harvesting: what it is and how your church can do it (Chapter 16)
  • Religious freedom under attack: what every Christian should know for the 2020 election (Chapter 17)


This book will give you actionable advice and a fresh understanding of voting.

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